TRIFO Max Powerful Robot Vacuum Cleaner – White

Meet Max! He cares about your home when you're not around and when you come back everything is super clean.

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TRIFO Max Powerful Cordless Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Meet Max, an AI-powered robot vacuum that is smart, strong and protective. The original home surveillance robot vacuum that sees, hears and speaks as it cleans, with an advanced surveillance feature including motion, audio and person detection to help protect your home. Say goodbye to dirt, dust, hair, crumbs and more with the 3000 Pa of suction power, perfect for pet hair too. Max has a large main brush which makes for a quicker clean, and the six-claw side brush reaches deep into corners. You can speak to other family members or pets through Max while you are out of the house using the built-in speaker and mic that connects to the Trifo Home App.

The 5,200 mAh battery keeps Max going for up to 120 minutes, and it features a USB charger onboard, so you can charge a device straight from your vacuum. When Max’s charge is running low, it will automatically return home to the charging base.

  • POWERFUL CLEANING – Max’s optimised vacuum fan creates 3,000 Pa of suction, while his larger main brush and six-claw side brush reach deep into corners gathering hard to reach dirt and pet hair.
  • AI-POWERED HOME SURVEILLANCE – Max can be configured to send alert notifications of a possible break-in, allowing users to switch on the camera and remote control its motion to see and hear what's going on at home. Because Max’s charging port is at the r
  • TRIFO HOME APP CONTROLLED – Max’s family can control him from anywhere, providing the capability to program him remotely to schedule cleaning and other tasks. Users can see where he’s cleaned through the real-time map he builds as he works. The app is av
  • INNOVATIVE HUMAN-ROBOT INTERACTION – Max lets his family interact with him in many ways. In addition to the Trifo Home mobile app, Max is Alexa-enabled and reacts to voice control such as, “Alexa, turn on Max.” Outside of the home, users can speak and li
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