KULZ KUPB20SS 4in1 Blender

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Product Features

Mix your favorite smoothie or drink with this powerful 350 watt blender and take it wherever you go! This set does not only include the blender, consisting of a 1 l glass jar and stainless steel mixing blades. It also comes with each a 600ml and a 300 ml BPA-free silicone tritane bottle and a 450 ml glass bottle with lid and straw tube - hence this blender is very convenient for your sports, holidays and travels!

  • 1.0 liter glass jar
  • 350 watt motor
  • 600ml Silicone Tritan sport bottle (BPA free)
  • 330ml Small Tritan sport bottle (BPA free)
  • 450ml Glass Mason bottle
  • Stainless Steel mixing blades
  • Very fast and simple preparation with quick assembly
  • Suitable for sport, holiday and travelling

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