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  • THICKER, STRONGER HAIR - Our powerful biotin supplement contains natural ingredients that support longer, stronger, and healthier hair. With 4000mcg biotin, it increases hair thickness and forms the keratin infrastructure of hair.
  • FAST HAIR GROWTH - These hair vitamins are the perfect hair loss treatment as they support follicular function, aiding fast hair growth. The DHT blocker stops hair shedding, allowing hair to grow back stronger and healthier.
  • STOP HAIR THINNING - Our scientifically formulated hair treatment feeds your hair from within. With essential nutrients from Folic Acid, Silica, Ginkgo Biloba, Niacin, Saw Palmetto and more, it keeps your hair strong and thick.
  • PERFECT FOR MEN AND WOMEN - Natural hair products shouldn't be limited to women. We created this hair vitamin that keeps hair regrowth for men and women because we all need hair stuff to maintain our crowning glory healthy.
  • MADE WITH SAFE INGREDIENTS - With the highest grade natural ingredients that are non-GMO and vegetarian-friendly, you can ensure that you're getting a safe hair supplement that provides you with only the right nutrients you need.
  • Unique blend of minerals and herbs to promote hair growth.
  • Blocks DHT
  • Natural ingredients that are non-GMO and vegetarian-friendly
  • Increases hair thickness and forms the keratin infrastructure of hair
  • Sustainably sourced and minimally processed
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