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Product description
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Soprano and Tenor
Both the Soprano (left) and the Tenor (right) frames are great looking pair of sunglasses which delivers a high-fidelity open-ear audio experience with best-in-class design and great battery life. The Soprano frames has a elevated cat-eye design and the Tenor frames have an elevated minimal square design, both with improved metal accents.

The Tempo frames (lower) are sport performance sunglasses that allow situational awareness with a high-fidelity open-ear audio experience. These frames have an athletic form factor design and fit - wrapped framefor max comfort. They also  have up to 6+ hours of battery life, improved acoustic performance and it is IPX4 water resistant.
  • Open ear acoustic package
  • High quality sound with low leakage
  • Crystal clear telephony
  • On-device volume control
  • Replacement lenses available
  • Tempo: Prescription Ready
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