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What people think about us !

Best review site, EVER! I've done a few reviews for them and enjoyed each one. This is not work at all but lots of fun. I encourage all my friends to try it and you will not only like it, you will LOVE it!

Sandra Evans

Reviewclub is incredible, the ability to test products and write a review, it is all very easy. So far I've only reviewed one product to date, however, it was a great experience!

Dave Roberge

I just love working with this company! I got my second product to review, the support is awesome and super nice and the products are of high quality.

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Angelina Russo

The company and staff are amazing! They represent many top manufacturers and take a lot of pride in properly communicating with their testers. I look forward to being involved with Reviewclub for many years to come. Highly recommended!

Greg Dugger

I really enjoy testing and reviewing products through Reviewclub. I've tested four products so far, with the fifth on the way - and each time it has been really exciting to receive and use the product sent to me. It's really simple and lots of fun! And the contact person for…

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Steve Verdin

I am reviewing my second top quality product for the company. I couldn't wait for the product to come so I could try it out. Leaving reviews is easy because all you have to do is give your honest opinion on the product to a few sites. The more information the better too. Hope to be…

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Sandy Meyers

I've reviewed 4 times and communications were very simple and the process straightforward. I look forward to testing more products in the future.

Carla Carlin

I've really enjoyed reviewing the products and find it refreshingly easy to work with Reviewclub!

Mike Risner

I have enjoyed being a part of Reviewclub. It is a joy getting a new email to test new products!

Michael Napolitano

I test products maybe once every 2-3 months. I've been a member for about a year. Very good products.

Harry Johnston

Superb, great service, products are very enjoyable to review. Looking forward to the next test!!

Simon Chapman

I have now tested a few items on Reviewclub and they are a great company to work with. They send very regular updates, keep you in the loop if there are issues and mainly, they deliver on their promises. So here's looking forward to many more assignments in the future with…

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Kristof Downer

Contact with Reviewclub has been excellent with friendly and enthusiastic staff. I feel that the people of the community are genuinely enthusiastic about the products and are very appreciative of the inputs provided by their reviewers. I very much look forward to receiving further…

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David Wilson

I have tested three products and have been a tester for about 18 months. I really enjoy testing new products!

Billy Taylor

I have reviewed two products and both times have enjoyed it, with great backup from Reviewclub. Can really recommend this to anyone!


I have been selected three times to test the products and each time I experienced a very smooth communication from Reviewclub.

Oliver Maze